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Many experienced riders ‘just know' when it is time to replace the chain, but there are a few tests that can help assess chain condition if you’re not so sure:

 The rollers should not be loose, but rotate freely without too much side to side movement.

There should not be excessive lateral play in the chain. That is, if you grasp the chain and twist it about a an axis perpendicular to the ground, there should be an amount of give but no sloppiness - try reciprocating the action to be sure.

If you try to pull the chain away from the rear sprocket at the point furthest away from the front sprocket there should be no more than 3 or 4 mm of movement.

If you have run out of adjustment on the chain, you could remove two links and rejoin the chain. We don’t recommend this, though, because a chain that has worn this much will have grown in length so much that it will be wearing your bike’s sprockets badly.


Choose the right motorcycle chain


With pitches from 420 to 630, in standard, heavy duty, O-ring, or X-ring, with gold link options for many, stocks chains suitable for all current and thousands of older Japanese and European motorcycles and quads. Brands include popular DID, JT, IRIS, IGM as well as Japanese Izumi. We can supply:

Chains – 420

Chains – 428

Chains – 520

Chains – 525

Chains – 530

Chains – 630

DID Standard Chain

DID NZ Super Heavy Duty Chain

DID V O-Ring Chain

DID VM X-Ring Premium Gold Chain

DID VX Heavy Duty X-Ring Chain

DID ZVM Heavy Duty X-Ring Gold Chain

Izumi Chain

Kyoto Chain

TKR Chain


Lubrication and correct adjustment make your chain last longer. The more attention you pay to these details the longer they will last. We stock chain rivet, split or spring links, breaking and riveting tools, as well as chain wax and lubrication


Motorcycle and quad sprockets for thousands of models


With over 700 different front sprockets and 1200 different rear sprockets, has the UK's most complete range of motorcycle sprockets. Rear motorcycle sprockets are available in both steel and lightweight alloy types.


DID & JT sprockets - in many cases made by the same manufacturer that made your OE


Replacing motorcycle sprockets


Though it is not necessary to replace the sprockets at the same time as the chain, it is certainly advisable. Just as a worn chain can damage sprockets, the reverse is also true. Sprocket wear can be quite difficult to see with the naked eye, so not replacing the sprockets at the same time as your chain can be a false economy and shorten the life of your chain.


In any case, if the sprockets show any signs of 'hooking' (the teeth appearing to lean over at the top), then you should replace both chain and sprockets immediately.

Written by Admin Manager — July 22, 2014

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