Suzuki recalls 100 V-Stroms for drive chain replacement | Dealernews

Suzuki recalls 100 V-Stroms for drive chain replacement | Dealernews

Even the Japanese makers and OEM suppliers can get it wrong! 

USA  Suzuki Motor of America Inc. (SMAI) is recalling certain model-year 2014 DL 650A V-Stroms because a drive chain link may not  have been riveted by the supplier during the manufacturing process. This could cause the chain to detach, increasing the risk of a crash, NHTSA reported.

The OEM issued a do-not-sell order to dealers in May; about 103 vehicles are affected, all manufactured on Jan. 20 and 21 of this year.

"According to our investigation, limited numbers of un-riveted drive chains were supplied to our factory by mistake," Suzuki told its distributors in documents submitted to NHTSA (campaign 14V278000).  "In the case of joint link disconnection, [the] drive chain is coming off from sprockets while running, and engine power is not transmitted to the rear wheel."

The drive chains are supplied by RK of Japan.

Dealers must inspect the drive chains of the affected bikes. For any unsold bike with a drive chain link that is not riveted, dealers are asked to replace the non-riveted link with a drive chain joint set. For any motorcycles that have already been sold to consumers, dealers are asked to relace the drive chain and the front and rear sprockets, free of charge.

Written by Admin Manager — September 04, 2014

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