Hi Performance Racing Chain for heavy duty racing applications like Motocross, Supercross and Supermoto racing applications.

Made in Japan D.I.D ER - Exclusive Racing Chains have helped make countless Supercross and Motocross Champions around the world.

The D.I.D chain advantage isn’t just limited to lightweight and superior strength. D.I.D’s exclusive SDH pin treatment is another secret behind their winning performance. The SDH pin treatment creates an extremely hard chromium carbide layer on the pin surface which dramatically increases chain life. And at the same time the pin’s inner core remains soft to absorb the tremendous shock loads of triple jumps without breaking. This treatment also provides superior wear resistance against the impact of hard foreign materials found in harsh off road environments.

D.I.D's exclusive SDH pin treatment is featured on 520ERT2, 520 MX, 520DZ and all NZ Series chains. SDH treated pins have extreme impact strength while maintaining outstanding shock absorption.

If you want the best combination of light weight with a high tensile strength, then the D.I.D ER range brings you outstanding power to weight ratio, whilst minimising transmission power loss.  

Written by Admin Manager — March 01, 2017

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