Rubber cushioned sprockets have been standard fitment on Japanese motorcycle manufacturers on larger capacity motorcycles since the early 1990’s to dampen the chain impact on the teeth of the front sprocket.
JT sprockets now offer selected replacement front sprockets with the same OEM proven technology.
Benefits include
Tough rubber damper which significantly reduces transmission noise.
Improved wear resistance and reduced vibration that will help extend both sprocket and chain life.
The JT Sprockets Rubber cushioned front sprocket range meet or exceed all OEM quality standards. With over 18 million produced each year, JT sells more sprockets than all other aftermarket brands combined. The main player in the market place for over twenty-five years, their popularity is a true testament to the quality and unbeatable value that's standard with each JT sprocket.


Material: Fully heat-treated SCM420/20 CrMo Chromoly Steel  

Construction: Heavy duty

Application: Motorcycle  

Grade: OEM standard

Genuine Product: Yes


Urban Distribution: Specialist UK D.I.D chain, JT chain and sprocket supplier for Motorcycles and Quads
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Written by Admin Manager — February 22, 2017

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