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JT Motorcycle Drive Chain

With leading edge technology and using only the highest grade of special steel alloys, JT produce a full range of superior quality motorcycle chains. JT advanced power transfer X-drive chains meet or exceed the requirements of all modern motorcycles, street, MX, enduro, off road and ATV. Proven on the race track for a great combination of low friction and durability at a great price.

Our high quality database for motorcycle JT chain kits offers you a variety of products and therefore not forced to buy a complete kit. Choose from the different levels of JT motorcycle chains ranging from small to full heavy duty chains and then choose your front and rear JT sprocket. Showing all of the items available, you simply add what you need and you are good to go!


Z1R Super Heavy Duty X-Ring Chain

X1R Heavy Duty X-Ring Chain

Chain Roller Diameter Pin Length Plate Thickness Weight per 100 links Avg. Tensile Strength Pin Riveting Solid Bush X-Ring Seal Available Connecting Link
Inner Outer
  mm mm mm mm kg kgf (kN) - - - Rivet Clip
520Z1R 10.32 21.40 2.2 2.4 1.87 4300 (42.2) 4 Yes Yes Yes -
525Z1R 10.32 23.70 2.4 2.6 2.10 4800 (47.1) 4 Yes Yes Yes -
530Z1R 10.32 25.30 2.4 2.6 2.19 4800 (47.1) 4 Yes Yes Yes -
428X1R 8.50 20.80 2.0 2.0 1.12 2800 (27.5) 4 Yes Yes - Yes
520X1R 10.22 20.30 2.0 2.0 1.55 3700 (36.3) 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
520X1R2 10.22 20.30 2.0 2.0 1.67 3900 (38.2) 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
525X1R 10.22 22.60 2.2 2.2 1.87 4050 (39.7) 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
530X1R 10.22 24.90 2.4 2.4 2.08 4200 (41.2) 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes


HDS Ultimate Competition Chain

HDR Super Competition Chain

Chain Roller Diameter Pin Length Plate Thickness Weight per 100 links Avg. Tensile Strength Pin Riveting Solid Bush X-Ring Seal Available Connecting Link
Inner Outer
  mm mm mm mm kg kgf (kN) - - - Rivet Clip
520HDS 10.22 18.60 2.2 2.2 1.55 4020 (39.4) 4 Yes - Yes Yes
520HDR 10.22 17.80 2.0 2.0 1.47 3700 (36.3) 4 Yes - Yes Yes


Chain Roller Diameter Pin Length Plate Thickness Weight per 100 links Avg. Tensile Strength Pin Riveting Solid Bush X-Ring Seal Available Connecting Link
Inner Outer
  mm mm mm mm kg kgf (kN) - - - Rivet Clip
420HDR 7.77 15.05 1.6 1.6 0.74 2000 (19.6) 2 Yes - - Yes
428HDR 8.50 18.30 2.0 2.0 0.97 2500 (24.5) 2 Yes - - Yes

Pin Riveting

Pressed four times for an extra strong rivet that resists powerful lateral forces on the outer plate

Solid Bush

Solid bushes provide enhanced resistance to distortion from repetitive shock loading

Riveted Bush

All 520 HDR/HDS/X1R/X1R2 have riveted bushes that resist powerful lateral forces on the inner plate

X-Ring Seal

Our X-Ring Drive Chain seals offer better sealing than the conventional O-Ring and produce far less friction. All sealed JT chains are equipped with X-Rings

HDR, HDS, X1R, X1R2 available in Black Steel and Gold & Black finish. Z1R available in Black Steel and Gold & Gold finish.





JT Motorcycle Sprockets

JT Sprockets is the world's leading manufacturer of aftermarket sprockets, constantly raising the industry's standards for quality and service. They are committed to supplying the most durable, best quality sprocket available in the marketplace worldwide. This is why JT produce and sell more sprockets than all the other aftermarket brands combined.

JT sprockets are made using only the best available materials. Aviation-grade 7075-T6 aluminium alloy for lightweight competition sprockets, SCM420 chromoly steel alloy for front sprockets, and JT are the only sprocket manufacturer using the ultra-durable high carbon C49 steel for rear sprockets.

The JT Sprockets factory is the largest and most advanced in the world. It is fully equipped with high accuracy machinery, including the latest generation of CNC computer design and computer controlled metal cutting equipment.

Every sprocket goes through up to 25 production stages and 10 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory and the production facility has achieved the highest European quality standards.

Steel Sprockets

JT Steel Sprockets are manufactured using only the finest grade of C49 high carbon steel for the rear sprockets, and SCM420 chromoly steel alloy for the front sprockets. The JT Steel Sprockets range now contains over 2,500 parts for all motorcycles and ATVs.

Rubber Cushioned Front Sprockets

Rubber cushioned sprockets have been widely used by the major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers since early 1990’s to dampen the chain impact on the teeth of the front sprocket. JT Sprockets has now released these same sprockets to the after market. Quality, design and OEM proven technology are the same as used for what is supplied to the motorcycle manufacturers and genuine replacement parts.

Aluminium Racing Rear Sprockets

Made from advanced aviation-grade 7075-T6 aluminium alloy, optimal lightweight design and CNC machined for performance and lifespan! All aluminium MX rear racing sprockets are manufactured from the best materials with a special self-cleaning design, and hand-finished to perfection.

Self-Cleaning Steel Front Sprockets

MX-series steel front sprockets are manufactured to exacting tolerances and designed with special self-cleaning grooves for added life and performance. Made from the best chromoly steel and fully heat-treated for maximum durability, the MX range of front sprockets are designed for champions.

Ducati Carriers

Lightweight rear sprocket conversion for OEM Ducati single-piece sprocket allows for quick, affordable replacement of the rear sprocket.


Providing unbeatable performance and exceptional value, Hiflofiltro is the best-selling brand of aftermarket filters for motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs worldwide. The filters are also supplied to original equipment manufacturers as well as private label brands.

To achieve their quality aims and to ensure the consistency of their products, Hiflo use only premium materials from well known manufacturers: steel from Toyota Tsusho and NKK Japan, glue from Henkel Germany, filter paper from Ahlstrom Filtration Finland, Hollingsworth & Vose USA and Awa Paper Japan.

The Hiflofiltro-Thai Yang Kitpaisan factory was founded in 1955 and has been manufacturing filters for the OEM motor industry since 1963. With the experience of more than four decades, continuous research and development and modern production facilities, Hiflo manufacture some of the best quality filters in the world.

Every oil filter goes through 16 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory. The whole manufacturing process, including the checking of raw materials, individual filter testing, is regularly audited and verified independently by TÜV SÜD.

Premium Oil Filters

Hiflofiltro is the world's first and only TÜV approved motorcycle oil filter. Constructed using the best materials available, all Hiflofiltro oil filters meet or exceed original equipment performance levels. Available for street, scooter, motocross, enduro, ATV, UTV, marine outboard, and snowmobile models.

"RC" High Performance Oil Filters

Developed and manufactured to very high specifications to exceed the demands of modern racing engines and extreme racing conditions, the Hiflofiltro RC range provides numerous advantages for both road user and track racer.


  • 17mm cross drilled nut enabling easy installation, removal, and lock wiring for race use
  • Advanced high performance tri-fiber filtration media for optimum filtration, high capacity, and improved oil flow. Capable of capturing particles as small as 5 microns
  • Tough heavy duty steel canister capable of withstanding extreme pressure
  • Special fibre or rubber coated relief valve for perfect sealing
  • Compatible with all oil types, mineral and synthetic

OE Replacement Air Filters

Hiflofiltro air filters are manufactured to fit the factory air box and are a direct replacement for original equipment filters. Top quality powerflow filtering media, developed for modern high performance engines.

Dual-Stage Racing Foam Air Filters

Competition off-road air filters manufactured in the Netherlands using a special dual-layer foam, formulated for maximum filtration and optimum air flow for improved power. Top quality materials and superior construction allow the filter to be used over and over again without any loss of performance. Available for most motocross and enduro models.

"DS" Dual-Stage Foam Scooter Air Filters

With identical construction to Hiflo's winning motocross racing air filters, the “DS” Dual Stage filters feature two layers of special Hiflo foam, providing dual advantages of high air flow for top engine performance and maximum filtration.

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