We have a large fitment database that is updated and checked regularly to ensure up to the minute accuracy. But mistakes do happen and if you get a chain that doesn't fit your bike please contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

There's more than 1 chain available for my bike, how do I decide which one for me?
Generally, like everything in life you get what you pay for! However we only sell quality chains from reputable manufacturers like Japanese DID or JT Chains by JT the world’s largest and most established sprocket manufacturer. First decision is- do you want a sealed chain or a non-sealed chain? Standard non sealed motorcycle chains are less costly but require more lubrication to ensure a decent life span. Our JT range of X-Ring sealed chains come pre-lubricated and should out last any non-sealed chain but will still require some lubrication to realise its maximum lifespan and performance.
What are the "pitch" and "length" of a motorcycle chain?
The pitch of a bike chain refers to the size of the plates that make up the links in a chain. Drive chains come in a variety pitches to accommodate different motorcycle applications. The length refers to the number of connecting links your chain has. But you don't need to worry! Just put in your make, model and year and our database will find the right chain for you.
How long before my chain "stretches"?
Chain elongation is a normal part of wear and tear for all motorcycle chains. This happens when the pins and bushings in the chain wear down. JT specifications for tensile strength often beat comparable Japanese standard chains. It's impossible to tell how long a chain will last as this depends on a range of different variables such as gearing, machine power output and riding style. Maintenance and correct tension of your chain is essential to ensure a long life. Always use a dedicated chain lubricant and check your chain tension weekly as per your machines manufacturer recommendations which are normally detailed in the operator’s manual. Most good quality chains will require an initial adjustment within the first few hours of use.
How do I take care of my chain?
We sell both sealed and non sealed motorbike chains. While our premium drive chains come factory lubricated and sealed it is still best practice to maintain the chain by properly lubricating it on a regular basis. Pick up your chain cleaner spray from the "Maintenance Products" section of our store. Without proper care and maintenance, your drive chain will elongate and wear more rapidly than is expected. This is specially true of non-sealed non o ring chains. Maintenance is essential.
What's the difference between split link and rivet link chains?
Split links are normally used on lighter chain types and smaller capacity machines. They are especially popular with enduro and MX riders because they are quick to remove and replace with no specific tools. Rivet links are normally standard on larger capacity motorcycles and are mostly regarded as a more reliable connection for high horsepower road machines, however most modern race machines use split link connectors. Rivet links do require a rivet press to connect the link and a chain splitter to remove. Normally 420, 428 and 520 chains come as standard with split link connectors, but 525, 530 and 535 come with rivet links, we can provide 520 chains with Rivet or Split link connectors.
Are spare rivet or split joining links available for my chain?
Yes we can normally supply spare split links for 420 428 and 520 chain sizes and Rivet links for 520, 525, 530 and 535 chain sizes.
Is my chain fitted properly?
To check if your chain has been fitted properly please measure the chain tension as stated by your manufacturer. To check chain tension the measuring point must be half way between the rear sprocket and the front sprocket. Always make sure to adjust your motorcycle chain accordingly.
Can I change just one of my sprockets?
Yes you can, but its common to change the chain and the other sprocket too. Changing both sprockets and the drive chain will ensure even wear and tear on all three and buying all three at once means bigger savings on postage and packaging. Buy a complete chain and sprocket kit and make huge savings by keeping an eye out for our weekly deals for even bigger savings on multi-item orders!
I'm buying multiple items but they are heavy should I be worried about postage?
Heavy duty and super heavy duty chains for your motorcycle can be heavy but don't worry we will ship any package up to 15kg all for one flat rate of £3.99.

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