Black X-Ring Heavy Duty JT Motorcycle Chain 428 X1R 108 SL

Sold out.

Advanced Power Transfer X Ring heavy duty drive chain from JT. JT X Ring seals offer far superior sealing than conventional O ring chains whilst drastically improving power transfer due to reduced friction. 4 pin riveting for superior strength against high lateral forces. Race developed for improved overall strength, performance and durability.


  • Ultra low friction X-shaped seal rings preventing inner lubrication loss
  • Pre-lubricated at factory, ensuring low friction and maximum durability
  • Solid bushes for enhanced distortion resistance from repetitive shock loading
  • X Ring chain above Japanese OEM standards.
  • Comes with FREE JT decals!

Compatible Bikes:

Manufacturer Model Year
Honda CB125 RS-D 1983-1986
Honda H100 A 1982-1983
Honda H100 SD,S2G,SJ 1984-1993
Honda XL100 S - USA 1981-1985
Kawasaki 115 Kaze-R - Greece 2000
Kawasaki 115 Kaze-R - Greece
Kawasaki KH100 ES - Norway 1977-
Kawasaki KX65 A1-A2 >>> 428 Chain Conversion 2000-2001
Kawasaki KZR100 - Indonesia
Kymco 110 Visa-R - Greece 2012-
Kymco 125 Ner One - Greece 2008-
Suzuki A100 All
Yamaha DT80 MX-S 1983-1984
Yamaha RD200 A,B,C - USA 1970-1976
Yamaha RD200 DX 1975-1977
Yamaha YZ80 E,F 1978-1979
Yamaha YZ80 G 1980
Yamaha YZ80 H/J - USA 1981-1982

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