Black X-Ring Heavy Duty JT Motorcycle Chain 530 Z3 118RL

Sold out.

Top of the range ultimate chain from JT. Premium quality and performance at a competitive price. Advanced Power Transfer X Ring super heavy duty drive chain from JT. JT X Ring seals offer far superior sealing than conventional O ring chains whilst drastically improving power transfer due to reduced friction. 4 pin riveting for superior strength against high lateral forces. Race developed for improved overall strength, performance and durability.


  • SUPER Heavy Duty
  • Ultra low friction X-shaped seal rings preventing inner lubrication loss
  • Pre-lubricated at factory, ensuring low friction and maximum durability
  • Proven high tensile strength, above Japanese OEM standards and DID Equivalent
  • Solid bushes for enhanced distortion resistance from repetitive shock loading
  • Rivet type connecting link for maximum security and safety

Compatible Bikes:

Manufacturer Model Year
Honda VF750 C V45 Magna (RC43) 1994-2004
Honda VF750 CD/CD2 V45 Magna Deluxe 1995-2004
Kawasaki ZX-14R (ZX1400 ECF,EDF,EDFA,EEFA) Ninja 2012-2014
Kawasaki ZX-14R (ZX1400 FDF,FDFA,FEFA,FFF) Ninja ABS 2013-2015
Kawasaki ZX-14R (ZX1400 HGF,HHF) Ninja ABS 2016-2017
Kawasaki ZX-14R (ZX1400 JGF,JHF,JJF) Ninja ABS SE 2016-2018
Kawasaki ZZR1400 (ZX1400 FFFA,JGF,JHF,JJF) Performance Sport ABS 2015-2018
Kawasaki ZZR1400 CBF,ECF,EDF,EEF 2011-2014
Kawasaki ZZR1400 DBF,FCF,FDF,FEF,FFF,HGF,HHF,JJF (ABS) 2011-2018
Kawasaki ZZR1400 Performance 2011-2012
Kawasaki ZZR1400 Special Edition 2013
Suzuki GSF1250 A-L0,L1,L2 Bandit (ABS) 2010-2012
Suzuki GSF1250 K7,K8,K9 Bandit (ABS) 2007-2009
Suzuki GSF1250 S-K7,K8,K9,L0,L1-L6 Bandit (ABS) 2007-2016
Suzuki GSF1250 SA-K7,K8,K9,L0,L1-L6 Bandit (ABS) 2007-2016
Suzuki GSF1250 SA-L0 Bandit Traveller(ABS) 2010
Suzuki GSX-R1100 L,M,WN <<< 530 Chain Conversion 1990-1992
Suzuki GSX-R1300 R-K8,K9,L0,L1,L2,L3,L5,L6 Hayabusa 2008-2016
Suzuki GSX-R1300 RZ-L6 Hayabusa 2016
Suzuki GSX1100 F-J,K <<< 530 Chain Conversion 1988-1989
Suzuki GSX1300 BK-K8,K9,L0,L1 BK B-King 2008-2011
Suzuki GSX1300 BK-L2 BK B-King 2012
Suzuki GSX600 F-W,X,Y,K1,K2,K3,K4,K5,K6 Katana 1998-2006
Suzuki GSX750 F-K,L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W (GR78A) 1989-1998
Yamaha FZ6 (1B3) 2004-2009
Yamaha FZ6 Fazer (5VX,4P5) 2004-2008
Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 ABS (4S8,5S2) 2007-2009
Yamaha FZ6 S2 (5S5) 2007-2009
Yamaha FZ6 YCB,YCL,YL (FZS6) - USA 2009
Yamaha GTS1000 A/AC - E,F <<< 530 Chain Conversion 1993-2000
Yamaha YZF R1 SP 2006
Yamaha YZF R1 2006-2008
Yamaha YZF-R7 (OWO2) 1999-2001

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