Gold X-Ring Heavy Duty DID Motorcycle Chain 530 VX 112 (ZJ)

Gold Heavy duty drive chain from the world's leading chain manufacturer. Their patented X-Ring construction reduces friction by twisting the side plates instead of being squashed. D.I.D's sealed chains incorporate D.I.D's special "V" grease in the pin/bushing area and lock dirt out. They are expected to last at least ten times longer than standard chains without significant wear elongation under satisfactory maintenance.


  • X Ring four contact points greatly increasing sealing performance, keeps dirt out and maintains lubrication.
  • Ultra low friction X-shaped seal rings preventing inner lubrication loss
  • Pre-lubricated at factory, ensuring low friction and maximum durability
  • Proven high tensile strength, D.I.D X Ring has the greatest wear resistance of any other type of O-Ring or non O-Ring chain.
  • Solid bushes for enhanced distortion resistance from repetitive shock loading
  • ZJ (rivet) link provides the same durability and resistance to fatigue as exhibited by regular riveted links of chain. This race developed link will be fitted to all machines with sealed ring chains, riveted connection to make the chain endless is recommended for maximum strength and safety achieved by a unique design of shouldered pin. A riveting tool is required.

Compatible Bikes:

Manufacturer Model Year
Honda VFR750 F Interceptor - USA 1990-1997
Honda VFR750 FJ,FK (RC24) - France 1988-1989
Honda VFR750 FL,FM,FN,FP,FR,FS,FT,FV,FW (RC36) 1990-1998
Kawasaki GPX750 R (ZX750F1-F3) 1986-1988
Kawasaki GPZ750 R (ZX750 G2-G3) 1985-1988
Kawasaki GPZ900 R A1-A6 (ZX) Ninja 1984-1989
Kawasaki GPZ900 R A7-A12 (ZX) Ninja 1990-1996
Kawasaki VN800 B1-B10 Classic 1996-2006
Kawasaki VN800 C1-C2,E1-E6F Drifter 1999-2006
Kawasaki ZX-9R (ZX900 B1-B4) Ninja 1994-1997
Kawasaki ZX600 E1-E10 Ninja (ZX-6) - USA 1993-2002
Kawasaki ZXR750 H1 (ZX) 1989
Kawasaki ZXR750 H2 (ZX) 1990
Kawasaki ZZ-R600 (ZX600E1-E12) 1993-2004
Kawasaki ZZR400 (ZX400K1,K2,K3) - Japan
Suzuki GS550 E D,F - USA 1983-1985
Suzuki GS550 E3S E - USA 1984
Suzuki GS550 ES D,E,F,G - USA 1983-1986
Suzuki GS550 L D,F,G - USA 1983-1986
Suzuki GS550 M Z - USA 1982
Suzuki GS550 M-X,Z Katana 1981-1982
Suzuki GS750 E/ES D - USA 1983
Suzuki GSF 600 K1,K2,K3,K4 Bandit 2000-2004
Suzuki GSF 600 S K1,K2,K3,K4 Bandit 2000-2004
Suzuki GSF600 S T,V,W,X,Y,K1,K2 Bandit (USA) - USA 1996-2003
Suzuki GSF650 K5,K6 Bandit 2005-2006
Suzuki GSX-R1000 K7,K8 2007-2008
Suzuki GSX400 FWS D (GK71A) 1983-1984
Suzuki GSX550 ED,EE,ES,EF,EG,EU 1983-1987
Suzuki GSX600 F,FJ,FUJ,FU2J Katana 1985-1988
Suzuki GSX600 F-K,L,M Katana (GN72B) 1989-1991
Suzuki GSX600 F-N,P,R,S,T,V Katana 1992-1997
Suzuki GSX750 W,X,Y,K1,K2,K3 (Retro Style) 1998-2003
Suzuki T500 1/2/3/R/J/K/L/M - USA 1968-1975
Suzuki XN85 (650 Turbo) 1983-1986
Triumph 1000 Daytona 1991-1995
Triumph 750 Daytona (MK1) - France 1993
Triumph 900 Daytona 1994-1997
Triumph 900 Sprint 1993-1997
Triumph 900 Trophy 1991-1995
Yamaha FZ700 T Genesis - USA 1987

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