Motocross Chain DID Light Weight Gold 520DZ2GB 120 (RJ)

The DID 520 DZ2 chain combines outstanding wear resistance with feather weight creating the ideal entry model chain for motocross. The DZ2 is further upgraded with Super Dai Hard (SDH) treated pin technology. The hi-tech SDH pins have an extremely hard chromium carbide surface while maintaining a soft inner core. This allows the pins to have a high impact strength combined with incredible shock absorbance further increasing the wear resistance of the DZ2.


  • Incredible value
  • Gold & Black finish
  • SDH pin technology for increased wear resistance
  • Feather weight at just 1.4kg per 100 links
  • Pre-lubed and pre-greased from factory for maximum life
  • Comes with split link for quick & easy fitment

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