Motorcycle Chain DID Heavy Duty Gold 428 HDGG 120 (RJ)

Gold inner AND Gold outer plates, ALL gold finish heavy duty drive chain from the world's leading chain manufacturer. Made to O.E.M spec and designed for high performance motorcycles.


  • Pre-lubricated at factory, ensuring low friction and maximum durability
  • Gold inner AND Gold outer plates, ALL gold finish heavy duty, higher tensile strength than standard 428 DID chain, above Japanese OEM standards
  • Solid bushes for enhanced distortion resistance from repetitive shock loading
  • Hard Chromium Carbide Layer for increased strength and durability
  • RJ clip/split type connecting link. Its cover-plate is designed for a slip fit on to the pins to enable easy installation.

Compatible Bikes:

Manufacturer Model Year
Honda CB125 TDC,TDE - Europe 1982-1988
Honda CM125 C Custom 1982-1997
Honda CT125 C 1982
Honda TL125 S/K2 - USA 1973-1976
Honda XL125 K2,K3,SZ,SB,SC,SD - Australia 1977-1983
Kawasaki KX80 G1-G2,H2 >>> 428 Chain Conversion 1986-1987
Kawasaki KX80 L3 >>> 428 Chain Conversion 1990
Kawasaki KX85 A1-ADF,CEF-CJF >>> 428 Chain Conversion 2001-2018
Suzuki GP100 C,UC 1978-1980
Suzuki GP100 N,UN 1979-1980
Suzuki GP100 UX,X,D,ED
Suzuki GT100 - Norway 1976
Suzuki RM80 XG,XH,XJ >>> 428 Chain Conversion 1986-1988
Suzuki TS100 ERZ 1982-1984
Suzuki TSX80 E,G (TS80X) 1984-1985
Yamaha DT80 LC1 - Germany 1983-1984
Yamaha DT80 LC1,LC2
Yamaha SR125 (3MW8) 1995-2003
Yamaha SR125 - France up-1982
Yamaha SR125 - Spain 1982-1997
Yamaha SR125 SE (3MW) 1980-1994
Yamaha TY125 1989
Yamaha XT125 (2YE) - France 1988-1990
Yamaha XT125 (2YU) - France 1991-1993

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