Motorcycle Chain JT Heavy Duty Nickel & Black 420 HDRNB 98SL

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Power Transfer heavy duty drive chain from JT. Combining performance, strength, durability at a competitive price. Created using leading manufacturing processes and only from the highest grade of special steel alloys. Race developed for ultimate results.


  • Nickle and Black finish
  • Made from high carbon Japanese steel
  • Surface hardened pins with rigid bushes for high wear resistance
  • Industry leading tensile strength (See Tech Spec Page) proven stronger than DID equivalent
  • Split link for easy fitment and application

Compatible Bikes:

Manufacturer Model Year
Honda C50 C Cub 1982-1984
Honda C50 E Super Cub 1984-1985
Honda C50 E,LAG 1988
Honda C50 LAC,LAE 1982-1987
Honda C50 Z2,ZZ,L 1980-1982
Honda C50 1970-1975
Honda C50 1975-1980
Honda C70 E Cub 1983-1986
Honda C70 1975-1980
Honda C90 Cub 1984-2002
Honda SS50 Z-B1 1979-1980
Honda SS50 Z-K1 1978
Honda ST70 Dax AM K3 - France
Suzuki DR50
Suzuki OR50 E-N,T 1979-1980
Suzuki RV50 X / D Van Van 2015
Yamaha FS1 E DX
Yamaha YB100 E 1980-1994
Yamaha YZ60 H 1981
Yamaha YZ60 J,K,L 1982-1984

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