RK Gold HD RX-Ring Motorcycle Bike Chain 530 XSO Z1 108 Links with Rivet Link

RK is the leading manufacturer of OEM motorcycle drive chain to all major Japanese manufactures. With over 40 years of supply to the largest manufactures including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Triumph, RK has years of experience which it utilises to ensure every chain it produces exceeds all expectations. RK also remains the first choice for many race teams from Moto GP, Motocross and Rally, it's superior quality gives their competitors the edge. Maximise your motorcycle's performance by fitting RK chain. Mark Marquez does and he does pretty well...

The 530 XSO features RK's standard X-Ring technology, the RX-Ring. The special shape of the X-Ring allows for 4 points of contact between the ring and chain with a lubricant reservoir in the middle. This allows the 530 XSO to have the twice the wear life of a standard 530 chain whilst requiring less maintenance. The 530 XSO is designed to combine rigid strength with a low weight providing the feeling of light acceleration without compromising on wear resistance. Affordable, long lasting performance RX sealed chain. The XSO series offers less torsional friction and increased performance.


  • Gold & Black finish
  • OEM for all major Japanese manufacturers
  • RK's RX-Ring technolohy
  • Twice the wear life of a standard 530 chain
  • High tensile strength
  • Light weight
  • Low Maintenance
  • Less torsional friction
Manufacturer Model Year
Cagiva 350 ALA Rossa Trail 1983-1984
Cagiva 350 Alazzurra Sports 1985-1988
Cagiva 750 Elefant Trail / Lucky Explorer 1987-1989
Cagiva 750 Elefant 1993-1998
Cagiva 900 Elefant IE 1990-1997
Cagiva 900 Elefant 1990-1997
Honda CB750 CA,CB
Honda CB750 F - USA 1980-1982
Honda CB750 F Bol dOr
Honda CB750 F-A,B,C,D,(5 Speed) 1980-1982
Honda CB750 F-B (4 Speed)
Honda CB750 F2C,F2D
Honda CB750 K - USA 1980-1982
Honda CB750 KA,KB
Honda CB750 SC Night Hawk 1982
Honda CBR400 R
Honda CBR600 F 2/ F 3 - USA 1991-1996
Honda CBR600 FM,FN,FP,FR,FS,FT (PC25) 1991-1996
Honda CBR600 SJR - USA 1996
Honda CBR900 RR N,P,R,S Fire Blade (SC28) 1992-1995
Honda CBR900 RR N,P,R,S Fire Blade - USA 1993-1995
Honda CBR900 RR Y,1,2,3 Fire Blade (SC44/50) 2000-2003
Honda CBR929 RR Fire Blade - USA 2000-2001
Honda CBR954 RR Fire Blade - USA 2002-2003
Honda CBX1000 B,C ProLink (SC06) 1980-1982
Honda NS400 R (NC19) 1985-1988
Honda VF400 FD 1983-1986
Honda VF500 C - V30 Magna 1984-1985
Honda VF500 F Interceptor - USA 1984-1985
Honda VF500 F Interceptor - USA 1986
Honda VF500 FD,FE,F2E (PC12) 1984-1985
Honda VF500 FF - Australia 1985
Honda VF500 FF,F2F 1985-1987
Honda VFR400 R (NC21) 1986
Honda VFR800 F1-W,X (RC46) 1998-1999
Honda VFR800 F1-Y,1 PGM & CBS (RC46) 2000-2001
Kawasaki ZXR750 R K1 (ZX) 1991-1992
Kawasaki ZXR750 R M1-M3 (ZX) 1993-1995
MuZ 1000 S 2003
Suzuki GS450 L-E,F,G,H 1984-1987
Suzuki GS550 L X - USA 1981
Suzuki GS550 L Z - USA 1982
Suzuki GSX-R400 >>> 530 Chain Conversion - Japan 1988-1989
Suzuki GSX-R600 W N,P - USA 1992-1993
Suzuki GSX-R750 J,K - USA 1988-1989
Suzuki GSX-R750 J,K Sling Shot (GR77B) - France 1988-1989
Suzuki GSX-R750 J,K Sling Shot (GR77B) 1988-1989
Suzuki GSX-R750 K,AK (GR77C) - Japan 1989-1990
Suzuki GSX-R750 L,M Sling Shot (GR7AD) 1990-1991
Suzuki GSX-R750 WN,WP,WR,WS (GR7BD) 1992-1995
Suzuki GSX-R750 WT,WV SRAD - USA 1996-1997
Suzuki GSX-R750 WT,WV SRAD 1996-1997
Suzuki GT550 K,L,M 1972-1975
Suzuki GT550 R,J,K,L,M,A,B - USA 1971-1977
Suzuki GT750 A,B 1976-1977
Suzuki GT750 L,M 1974-1975
Suzuki RF600 RR/RS (GN76A) 1993-1995
Suzuki RF600 RT,RV 1996-1997
Suzuki SV1000 S-K3,K4,K5,K6,K7 2003-2007
Triumph 955 Speed Triple 1999-2001
Triumph 955 Sprint RS 2000-2003
Triumph 955 Sprint ST 1999-2004
Triumph T509 Speed Triple 1997-1998
Triumph T595 Daytona 1997-1998
Yamaha FZR600 RF (YZF600) (4JH) 1994-1995
Yamaha FZR750 (OW01) <<< 530 Chain Conversion 1990-1992
Yamaha FZR750 RT Genesis 1988-1989
Yamaha FZX700 S,T,CS,CT Fazer - USA 1986-1987
Yamaha FZX750 (3XF) - Japan 1990-1997
Yamaha TX500/TX 500 A - USA 1973-1974
Yamaha XS500 A,B - USA 1974-1975
Yamaha XS500 C Alloy Wheel 1976-1977
Yamaha YZF600R Thunder Cat (4TV/4WE) 1996-2003
Yamaha YZF600R-T,V,W 2005-2007

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